Digital Menu for Restaurant:

This project was very big and hard, because we must spent 1 year for design and creating it’s sub systems. Like wireless communication, wireless network designing, working on color LCD driver and working with graphical LCD, coding for main processor, coding printer for printing without computer, load control for battery charging, and etc. Now we introduce this system ,it;s a system and method for enabling patrons at large-scale spectator events at confined venues having identifiable seats utilizes conventional or special hand-held, wireless communication devices to self-order food, drink and souvenir items from remote order fulfillment locations within the venue for delivery to identified seats. Hierarchical menus are provided for display of items for purchase on the devices.

Touch Function Key:

For improving the last function keys I decide to design a very flexible device for this purpose, this device has a SMD circuit for controlling of PLCs, and also has a GLCD and touch screen.

Scientific Calculator with cure drawing

This is Company CEO final project when he graduate Shamsipour college, this is a scientific calculator can able to do scientific operation like the other calculators, he expand a GLCD to this project for drawing Curves and their axis.

Function Key for PLC

We always had lot’s of difficulties for hardware testing  when programming of PLC was completed . so we create a device for this purpose. This device can read  and write analog value in PLC as well as Digital input and output, with this device you can debugging PLC’s program. this device was exclusively design for Qeshm Voltage company then and we creat it.

CPLD Training kit

This is a Evaluation kit for FPGAs and CPLDs of Xilinx, Xilinx is a big company that producing These products. we design a kit for training of FPGA and CPLDs, in this kit we have programmer, LCD, LEDs, Micro Switches, Keypad and some requirment components that is necessary for training. with this kit students can test their programs simply.

Communication between two PLC via Bluetooth in labview

we do a Project with LABVIEW, in this Project USE  two laptop and two Bluetooth module for our purpose, our purpose was communicate all result of program from a system to the other system, like analog value, digital value, String Variable, Signals (all kind of signal) and etc.

CAN protocol decoding in festo pneumatic Jack:

We had a problem when using o pneumatic roller, they send data on CAN protocol so we must use a PLC that named SPC (FESTO PLC), this PLC was expensive, roller and PLC had unique protocol and identifier, I decide to design and create a device for decoding value of measurement and showing it on computer.