servo motor & stepper motor training set

Special emphasis is placed on the design, function, and connection, fields of application and control of a servo motor system on the basis of the requirements for the respective application. Servomotors take more and more an important role in the daily automation life. Their seemingly complex structure becomes easier to deal with when experienced with EEI Training Sets. These sets are also used to understand the basics of CNC mechanism.

robotic training software

In this project we produce a Multimedia Software for training goal, in fallowing we introduce contents of this software: 1- History 2- Future of robotics 3- Robocup 4- Robots types 5- Mechanic of robot 6- Electronic of Robot 7- Processors 8- Nano robotics 9- Industrial robots 10- Iranian Robots 11- Appendix

Image processing robot

we spend times and days on image processing, we like image processing knowledge so we work on image grabbing, image filtering, color detecting, edge detection, measuring position of object in image, object detection, face recognizing and the other subjects. So I decide to design and making a robot for reach to this purpose, this robot grab images from a camera and store it in work folder in MATLAB .then start to filtering and …. Then this robot can recognize object and color, now robot can move. Robot will track choose objects