Wind Turbine Simulator

As you know the Wind Energy is the fastest growing renewable form of energy source in the world. To maximize the benefits from this technology, engineering students and technicians must be educated with the science and operational methodologies of wind turbines. AdvancedTech Wind Turbine Simulator will be design to teach/learn the fundamental principles of wind energy technology from power generation to operation and maintenance. This system will provide an ideal platform for teaching the detailed concepts of how to generate electricity from the wind, workings of electro-mechanical mechanisms, wind systems turbine control, nature of aerodynamic forces, data acquisition, sensors & instrumentation, along with condition monitoring & diagnostics. The innovative design allows the wind turbine to be used with and without the presence of wind such as in laboratory settings. This set can use for learning wind turbine to educators of universities and training centers. The integrated package comes with a hands-on experimentation device, curriculum along with a full set of instrumentation to expedite learning.

شبیه ساز توربین بادی


Power Supply: 110 V  to 240 V AC

Supply Outputs: 12V and 24V – 15A

Height: 1700 mm

width: 830 mm

Length:1132 mm

weight: approximately 50KG

Four brake able wheels

wind tunnel speed: 9000 RPM

۱۵ Ampere potentiometer for wind speed

Protectivate Wind Tunnel

Equipped with Rail mechanism for the wind tunnel mobility

HMI: Kinko 4414TE – 7 inch – Colorful and Touch screen

Step  Motor Driver: MOONS SR2

Controller: Kinko 306EX

Transducer board

Wind turbine is including: 

Three blades – one spinner and a Hub

Anemometer: 1 KM/H to 25 KM/H

Vane: 0 to 350 degree

Gearbox: 1/4 ratio

High speed and Low speed shaft

Rotary Encoder

۱۰ watt generator

solenoid Brake

YAW Motor

Thrust Bearing

Sun Tracking Simulator

AdvancedTech Sun Tracking System made for teach students ‘How to operate sun tracking mechanism ‘. In this training set many skills can be achieved such as power generation from sun, sun tracking algorithms, combiner box, voltage regulator, temperature, light sensors, PLC and HMI, battery and other required controller. This educational set has many benefit for universities and technical schools to learn sun tracking usage for receiving maximum energy from sun.

Sun Tracking Simulator is including: 

۳۰ watt Solar cell

Two 300 watt servo motor

Two servo motor driver

Two axis tracking mechanism

Light Sensor

Charge Controller

Battery pack


solenoid Brake

YAW Motor

Thrust Bearing

Artificial Light emitting

HMI: Kinko 4414TE – ۷ inch – Colorful and Touch screen

Controller: Kinko 306EX

(Industrial Process Simulator (Include PLC

After Research on PLC training center difficulties, we find out there is requirement to improve and development method of training around PLC basis, Now we pride to introduce new equipment for training purposes, is Simulation set The object of a PLC simulator is to ‘fake out’ the input into a PLC so that the programmer can test and debug the program before installation into its operating environment. our simulator  patent allow PLC simulators connect to the existing terminal strip on the PLC card and provide easy simulator to learn turning digital output/inputs on/off or adjust analog signals and common process in automation industries.


Include five industrial simulators:


۲- Servo motor

۳- Batching system

۴- Traffic light

۵- Mixer

Simulators are customizable.

Include PLC and HMI

With easy to move table

No wiring requirement

Manual and trouble shooting

Electrogravity Propulsion Training System

AdvancedTech did an research on Electrogravity phenomenon, we built some devices for our research, they was electrohydrodynamic (EHD) devices (utilizing an electrical phenomenon known as the Biefeld–Brown effect) to produce thrust in the air, without requiring any combustion or moving parts, This device is a propulsion device based on ionic air propulsion that works without moving parts, flies silently, uses only electrical energy and is able to lift its own weight plus additional payload. Now AdvancedTech built a training set to teach student how can experiment this phenomenon, all learners can use this method benefits for other research projects.


Input voltage: 110/240 V AC

Power supply: 12V- 2A

Width: 500 mm

Length: 500 mm

Height: 800 mm

Weight: 10 kg

Include Propulsion Controller

Applied voltage to structure: 40 KV

Replace ability fly structure

Protective cover

Maximum fly Attitude: 200 mm

Servo/Stepper Motor Training system

Servomotors take more and more an important role in the daily automation life. Their seemingly complex structure becomes easier to deal with when experienced with AdvancedTech Training Sets. These sets are also used to understand the basics of CNC mechanism. The aim of the set is to teach the speed, torque and position control of servomotor.The software delivered with is able to make the changes also directly from a PC.


Linear Machine step: 300 Steps

Servo System: 3000 RPM

Sensors: Five Magnetic and opto Sensors

Servo Driver: Moons Driver

Controller: Kinko/Siemens PLC

Monitoring: Kinko/Siemens HMI

Communication Port: USB

Software Programming and Monitoring


Instruction Manual

Exercise Manual

Troubleshooting Manual

Troubleshooting toolbox